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North Florida Stars

Find out why North Florida Stars is endorsed by more high school

and college coaches than any other team in the state.


North Florida Stars is a collaboration between several area club, high school, and college coaches. Our goal is to assemble the top talent in the region to help prepare them for college level lacrosse through a series of practices and high exposure recruiting events. This team was created to serve those who are serious about pursuing opportunities to play lacrosse in college. 

  • The collaboration between coaches and programs means NFL Stars will not conflict with your current club team

  • Each practice is planned and scripted to be fast paced and high intensity

  • Opportunity to play with top players from the North Florida region

  • All teams are coached by high school head coaches

  • Our staff has extensive college coaching experience and knows the recruiting process inside and out

  • We ensure transparency and fairness in the team selection process by having a selection committee consisting only of college coaches


Our staff is what sets us apart. With unparalleled experience coaching at the high school and college level, our staff has developed a proven curriculum to prepare players for college and is able to tailor a plan to help navigate the recruiting process. 

We think it speaks volumes that more high school head coaches in the region have chosen to endorse and participate in our program than any other club. Each of our teams is coached by an area high school head coach, and we also are managed by an advisory council of college and high school coaches.


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